Walk in My Shoes

Hi All, My name is Sally and I am 60 years old. I am married and have 4 children and 7 grandchildren with another on the way. My life is extremely hectic, I wonder sometimes how I do it! I work full time as a supervisor in a local Council and have taken in foreighn students for the last 15 years, which we love doing, we love hearing all their stories from around the world. As you can imagine. my house is never quiet, there is always something going on, oh, and we have a lovely old cat called Felix. In my spare time, I like gardening, particulary love roses. I love looking through home magazines and websites like this. I knit, but nothing too big or I get bored. Like to do competitions and have been quite lucky. Also love doing little things with the grandchildren like cooking cupcakes. Two of them particulary like watering the gardfen which I supervise, but we only have one little watering can which they both think is theirs, so never the twain shall meet. Have a lovely family and very grateful for all I do have. Not everyone is so lucky. Hope you all have a nice day xx::

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