Cellphones for Survivors

Hey guys,
As a very active supporter of nonprofits and volunteer work I do many activist campaigns to raise awareness or help others and this is one that means a lot to me and I'd love your help!

Brought to you by Do Something: http://www.dosomething.org/survivors

I will be collecting used cellphones (no chargers or perfect working quality needed!) until January 9, 2014 in order to send them in to the lovely organization where I have completed so many campaigns in the past as this is my favorite nonprofit!

Anywho, all of the cellphones collected will be taken apart and recycled to raise funds for Domestic Violence programs across the country, all I ask is that the cellphone contain a battery. That’s it!

Relationship Violence
· - A woman is battered every nine seconds in the United States.
· - 1 in 14 men will experience relationship violence at some point in his lifetime.
· - One in four women will experience relationship violence during her lifetime.
· - Women ages 20 to 24 are at greatest risk of becoming victims of domestic violence.

· For more information check out these resources:
o A Thin Line
o Warning Signs of Abuse
o Get Help
o Or call: 866-331-9474
Relationship Violence And Tech
· - Funding from your refurbished phone can help a survivor learn how to use one to protect themselves.
· - What millions don't realize is technology can be dangerous and potentially lethal when in the hands of abusers
How Your Phones Help
· - Nearly all of the materials found in cell phones can be recycled to make new products.
· - The money from your recycled or refurbished phones will benefit NNEDV’s Safety Net program which educates victims on ways to use technology to help find safety and escape their abusers.
Before Sending
· - Remove your password
· - Deactivate the phone
· - Erase all personal data
· - Turn phone off

Please Comment below if you have some old Nokia’s in the junk drawer and I will get in touch with shipping information!

Remember we can all save the world.

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