Film Tips, Anyone?

So, summer break is here. Does anyone have the ultimate late summer night Movie? I like most genres but I'm not a big fan of stupid American comedies (no offence to those of you who are). So anything without Adam Sandler, Jim Carey or Ben Stiller makes me happy. Overwhelm me with titles people!

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The Breakfast Club is great if there's a group of you (it is American and a comedy but a smart one) or The Princess Bride. Neither of them are particularly summery but they are good viewing Happy

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I've already seen The Breakfast Club, I actually liked it a lot. Will definitely watch the other one soon Happy

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No offence to those that are stupid Americans...? lol The stupid ones have no idea they are stupid so they wouldn't even notice! lol
Stupid Funny... How stupid? I mean there are movies that are so horrible that I can't stop watching thinking "how funny" and those that are actually Hilarious!!! and I can't stop watching and are good

I Love You Man
is a good movie (Jason Segal is my Hollywood Husband he is so funny!!)
Austin Powers.....
Those are fantastic.. not too summery though.
Wayne's World!!
Party on EXCELENT!!! It is a stupid funny american movie.. lol another Mike Myers (Austin Powers is Mike Myers)
Talladega Nights; the Balad of Ricky Bobby
That one is so funny Will Ferrel is Awesome so then I'll add
Another Will Ferrell movie
Casa De Mi Padre
That is Will Ferrell too but it is all in spanish with subtitles, I couldn't watch it and I love Will Ferrell....
That guy is nuts!!! I love it. Bruno can get graphic though...

If you need more ideas I can scour my DVD VHS collections and see what else is on the comedy list.

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I'd recommend

Moulin Rougue
the X- men trilogy
stepford wives
Road to perdition
Old films I know, but I'm going through this phase where I'm purchasing dead old & cheap DVD's at Car Boot Sales. It's great cause as a kid I dreamed for this day!

More so I think if you visit amazon and check out your fave films and what "others also brought" then you can find thins that'll float your boat. Oh and watch some trailers on Youtube if you not too sure.
Don't stay up too late! ;)

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summery??? I don't know many summery movies but here are my ultimate films (love these films to pieces)

V for Vendetta
Phantom of the Opera
Pan's Labyrinth
Sweeney Todd
Donnie Darko
The Exorcist
(these are more wintery movies)

Dead Sushi
Blades of Glory (almost everything with Will Ferrel in it is good)
The Breakfast Club
Jaws (not scary at all)
The Shawshank Redemption
Shaun of the Dead (really funny)

these are more summery I guess

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I'm right there with you, I don't like the stupid comedies either!! My favorite less recent movies that I'd recommend to ANYONE are:
Liar, Liar- Jim Carey
Bad Boys 2- Martin Lawence and Will Smith
The Proposal- Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock
Just Friends- Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart

Some more recent ones are:
Limitless-Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro
The Heat- Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock(SOOOO FUNNY)
Silver Linings Playbook-Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawerence, and Chris Tucker,

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