Best friend is turning 21...what are some dares/tasks to make her do?

im make a 21 to do list for her to complete while were at the club or a bar i need some good ideas!

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Get free 21 drinks ? I suppose thats a bit easy though since its her birthday :p

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Don't take turning 21 as some sort of day for dares and jokes.
There are a LOT of people who die on their 21st birthdays from drinking too much. The whole "21 shots" thing is a great way to see someone die of alcohol poisoning.

As someone who's seen/heard a lot of people spend a lot of time puking after overdoing it, I have to say that caution will result in a better night. Alcohol-induced vomit smells bad, makes you feel HORRIBLE, and leaves you very dehydrated which can cause myriad problems.

People usually have a pretty low tolerance until they start drinking regularly (like a few drinks once or twice a week, or one drink every other night). Don't do something stupid by letting your friend go overboard unless you want to hold her hair in a grimy bathroom stall while she pukes up colorful liquid and hear about how awful she feels the next day.

If you want your friend to actually have a positive 21st birthday experience, make sure she's pacing herself and drinking plenty of non-alcoholic beverages as well, like water and ginger ale. If you really want to dare her, make her drink something that sounds horrible or looks gross... but don't make her take a ton of shots.

I don't mean to sound like a mom or anything, but I've been to a lot of parties where people let loose and wayyy overdid it... like broken empty rum bottles, and a pool littered with sunken red plastic cups... and hearing the sounds of people I know wretch into the toilet or any other bowl-like object they could find *IF* they were quick enough.

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here is a list I found online:
Have the DJ make the birthday girl dance the funky chicken or dance on the "stripper pole" if they have one.
Have someone do a body shot off of the birthday girl.
Have the birthday girl do a body shot off of someone.
Make the entire bar sing happy bday.
Give out party beads for guys/girls who flash the bday girl.
Receive beads from people for flashing.
Get a girl to by the bday girl a drink.
Get the bartender to buy the bday girl a drink.
get a picture of the bday girl her ID with a bouncer.
make a martini shaped necklace to wear that has a checklist on it. <----cute idea.

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