History of Historical proportions.

So I recently have Dread Locked my hair. i.e. 8 Months ago. I have been lucky I guess to have many people say that they like my hair and it ACTUALLY suits me (although I'd say it too ;) hehe ).

I have seen disappointed head-shakes (prolly because of the feather I had in them)

And! my husband has heard people say "I want that hair"

All in all this has made me very happy. I am always NERVOUS that I won't be accepted and people will hate me... In my own opinion locks have made more people friendly to me...

Any-who, the small portion of people, that I know exist (not naive) that would say "WHITE GIRL" and I gotta stop em ans say woa! Native Portuguese Irish American here... whatever color that is! Has wondered where "Locks of hair" came from.... Any body? LOCKS.... hmmm not strands...... hmmmmm! That is what I thought..... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dreadlocks
I know it is Wikipedia but I find the info to correlate very often with other sites especially because they reference where they get their info.

NOW! the FIRST "seen" or "known" are from Africa BUT and my huge BUTT in here! Is ancient Greeks IRISH! and even ANCIENT EGYPT (who loves the wigs!?) have all been doing dreads simultaneously! good article on coming up with something the same time as others (http://bymytwohands.blogspot.com/2012/12/creating-your-own-creations.html ) of my own writing.

I will say that a red fluffy haired person is the number one person to have come up with or worn dreads first, BECAUSE ever mess with poofy curly hair? I don't mean African hair either, I've heard them say it is still pretty hard to dread their hair too. I mean poofy hair that really really needs a straightener? That hair makes perfect dreads all the time and makes me frustrated and jealous my hair likes/ loves to just be strait and limp. and now flying all over the place...LOL

I told a friend that I was certain 3,000+ years ago Egyptians were dreading their wigs, which is where "lock of hair" probably came from. If my memory is correct the wigs were spiritual. I was delighted to find that my guesses were close... in direct facts and that even my own Irish Heritage helps the locks look like they belong on me. Less the "lock" theory that wasn't solidified.
SO any body else out there know any other subject that has common misconceptions that actually has a more interesting History? or a sort of forever history? or any thoughts on this?

I love history and "useless info." is my favorite.

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Wow. That is really interesting!!! I never knew.

I am an Anthropology Major.

Hmm... The Vikings found what is now North America approx. 500 yrs before Columbus. They landed in what is now Canada. And... Neanderthals are believed to have had the gene for red hair.

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SEE and I'd say red hair comes from Scottish Heritage....... with some lucky Irish.....originally tho...... Netherlands. LOVE IT!

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Oh ya. And the "original" I guess dreads found in Africa were and still are to this day (in some parts) done with mud. That is to keep the hair clean. They use the mud for bathing and sun protection if I'm correct on that one.

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