American student seeking British college help.

Alright, so here's the situation.
I'm looking at a university in Norfolk, and I want to know how much extra it costs to be an out of country student, if I'm allowed to establish residency (to cut down on dorm costs) and if I can take a job while I'm there.
I'll be going next year or the one after (depending on what classes I take at the Community college I'm at now in the US).
I am a United States citizen, I have no ties to the UK.
I need loans to pay for the schooling I will recieve, and I was wondering if I could get those from American banks or if I could get them from British ones.
I do plan on living in Britain after graduation, if possible.
Is there anyone out there who has gone through this and could help me? Are there any Brits out there who know someone in the same situation?

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Hi there! My dad works in a university recruiting students from foreign countries so I have some advice and answers from him.

He would recommend going on and looking at the forums there to see if are answers to your queries or people going through the same, particularly on the foreign student forums.

You will have to pay more than the standard UK fee of £9,000 (International fees are listed on the university websites)

And he also says to get your loan in the US.

Hope this helps!

Lots of love, and have fun when you come! x

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I recommend checking to see if your college has a abroad program. My old uni did and interested students could get most of the information they needed through them.

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