Additional Categories, or Adding Subcategories for Projects

I know that I am very new to this website. However, I've already noticed that there could be improvements to how you find items that you are looking for (i.e. category, sub-category).

One huge suggestion would be to add either a separate Category for Holiday themed items, and then create a sub-category for each type of holiday (the most frequent themed items) such as: Winter Holidays (to account for Christmas, Winter Solstice, Kwanza, etc.), Halloween, Harvest/Thanksgiving, and Easter. OR create sub-categories for each of these under each regular category (though I think the first idea would be the simplest and take less time).

I get really frustrated when I'm looking for ideas, especially when they are for non-holiday items, and all I keep seeing are holiday related items. Does that make sense?

Would also like to suggest adding some "theme" related categories- so if you are looking for nothing but Zombie wall decor, you can find it without getting a bunch of unrelated items in your search. Some "theme" ideas that seem to cover a majority of the topics featured on this website are: Fairies, Dragons, Anime, Celestial, Asian/Oriental, Skulls, Gothic, etc.

Just thought I would put these ideas out there, curious if others are of similar mind for easier ways of finding what you are looking for on this site. Excellent site, by the way, please keep up the great work! Happy

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Another thing I had an idea on, then I will shut up for now and look for more cool stuff to make. Happy

Under the "community" section, it would be very helpful if people had easier ways of searching for their "friends" and "family". Maybe add a search option for "location", if you are trying to find like-minded people in Shelton, WA (for example), do a search to see how many members are in your local. I live in a small, but growing town, where most people know most others, and this would be a great way to meet others in our community.

If you can't already search by "email address", then this would be another option I would seriously consider adding.

Zipping lip, now. Happy

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