Emilie Autumn Haloween Costume

Help with a dress, its neckline & avoiding 'indecent exposure' at haloween

I really really really go out in Leeds as her this year, it's a friends 21st birthday & I always make an effort for her parties.

I'm already asking a make-up-fantastic friend to help me with that aspect, I'm looking at dreads & how-to's, also looking at getting a little something from here http://www.cyberloxshop.co.uk/index.php?cat=
to add to the whole thing, I want temporary dreads not the permanent full on kind....

anyway! I'm here because I need help with the neckline on a dress I bought. Wonderful the things you can find in charity shops Happy

the neckline is waaaaaaaaay too low, as in it cuts halfway down my boobs, just above the nipples.... I will be wearing a bra with it but I don't want it to look awful so I thought, posting on here might get the right peoples attention & maybe they could advise/help me with my problem.

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I LOVE HER! Why dont you go buy a cheap tank top go to a fabric store buy a small bit of lace(or find it online) make a bowl of tea soak the lace in the tea so it gets brown and looks antique and then put ruffles on the top of the tank top so it ties in with the theme of your costume? You could even glue (or hot glue) some fake pearls and gems to it!

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