your "Bucket List" !?!

what do you want to do/go/see/etc before you die?

i'll start off--

*Bungee jump
*Visit Australia
*Go to Glastonbury
*Go on a canal boat..

plus many others; i have started off a book with loads of things in Happy

what about you? <3

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You could possibly do the top 3 all in one go :p I know New Zealand have a lot of Skydive and Bungee Jump activities, Australia isn't that far away from there. Glastonbury (Festival?) would be easy when you finally get around to saving up the money and when your parents let you (can I remember you saying you were 15 in another thread?). Think you have to be 16 without an accompanying adult. That isn't far away though so get saving and you could do it before you know it!

I'd love to travel for a bit. See north and south America, Spain, Italy, Australia and definitely go back to New Zealand.
Would like to try scuba diving as well, I have a bit of a fear about it but really would like to do it near a cool reef or something, so hopefully would pluck up the courage to do it.

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well I have done quite a bit on my list,

seen Paris,
Lived in Germany and China,
exibited my art,
started my own busniess,
learn photography and German,
owned a Turtle,
studied bellydance and flameno and ballroom
been to university
travel on a train

I would like to see
south america, and africa.
become fluent in Chinese(only basic right now)
visit egypt
take a boat across the atlantic
see Van Gogh's Sunflowers collection

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I'm too old........I've done most of mine........will have to write a new one Happy

Edit....just thought I don't have a tattoo .......yet

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I want to:

See the Amazon,
Go to an animecon,
Sing in a band,
Become fluent in Japanese (I'm learning by watching anime, which probably won't get me very far),
Raise a baby animal that lost its parents,
Get a decent camera,
Have religious freedom (I'm getting there).

Thats all I can think of at the moment

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Buy our own house with a huge garden and kitchen
Go to as many concerts to perform and as audience
Get my entire left hand tattooed
Get two more piercings on my lower lip (hopefully in this year)
Be successful in something
Go to Halkidiki Greece
STAND NEXT TO AN ELEPHANT and stroke him,and feed him and talk to him... Happy
open an animal shelter
buy a sewing machine
get a French Bulldog
learn to speak Romanian

Its time to stop here now... Happy

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you know its great to see peoples dreams, and things they want to do

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i agree michelle, it is great to see other people's ideas.. i've certainly got more inspiration from looking at everyone's lists!

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yeah,this is fun! Happy

I forgot to add one dream>

to see Dracula`s castle in Romania!
I hope we will go next year!

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My one biggie, and it has been the big one since i was eight years old... is to be a mommy. SO, my list starts predictably

Adopt a child
Visit Canada
Get off my anti-depresants
Work with donkeys (i love them!)
Sell a piece of artwork
Get my dad and uncle to speak again (long story Happy boo)
Get back onstage... i was a singer and actress with lots of theatre under my belt before my accident

My list isn't as adventurous as most, but i'm limited to what i can do physically these days. I'm sure i'll add to the list as things come to me Happy

Great topic!

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i'm enjoying this too! i love hearing so many different people's ambitions Happy

hope they all happen for you!! <3

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Well.. I havent really thought about it but
> Id love to see Metallica live
> Visit Germany, Japan, Greece and Canada
> Learn to speak either Japanese or German fluently
> Teach myself to crochet & get really good
> Do something to change the world
> Volenteer in Africa
> Get a meaningful tattoo
> Own a pet ferret

Wow.. thats a lot. I think Im going to make a book up of it so I can remember everything I want to do.. and to do them.

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I really want to:

Get all he tattoo ideas I have
Become a mobile beautician
Travel to America/ Australia/ Japan
Go to a different country for a week by myself
Get better at my sewing and craft making
Get married

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I might start writing some of mine down too. I've only got a few in mind:

> Get a tattoo.
> Travel round a bit - Explore more of the UK as well as Germany, America, Austrailia, Japan, Prague among other places.
> Orbing or Zorbing or Sphering or whatever it's called - you know... where they put you in one of those giant bubble things and push you down a big hill, though I think me and my mates might be doing that when we go to Brighton in a couple of weeks!!
> Own a pet hedgehog.
> Learn British Sign Language (BSL).
> Swim with dolphins or wales etc

I can't tthink of anymore at the moment Happy

Mind you I've done quite a few things I'm proud of such as Scuba Diving.
Violetta, I stood next to an elephant when I was little at London Voo, there were loadsa kids there, we were trying to see if all these kids weighed more than the elephant, I got a certificate it was REALLY good!!

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i SOOOOOOO want to go zorbing too lolly bot!!

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