Apologies if this has been posted before! I know it probably has but I can't find the thread! When I search I can't find the right threads and some people's twitter profiles seem to be missing or not updated so I'm starting a new thread! Don't kill me!!

I have recently joined Twitter, don't really understand it and would love to be able to follow and be followed by Cut Out and Keep Peeps!

my username is

And if anyone has any tips for how I can fathom it a bit better... I'd be greatful! Ta!


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I'm following you!

I've had a twitter account for a while and still getting used to it myself. So far, I post a bit every now and then, and I've received messages from some interesting people.
I've also searched particular terms or cities and found some interesting people/sites.

Here's mine: <a href="">MihoSuzuki_com</a>

Good luck with your tweeting!

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