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Hey guys, I hope someone can help me here.... I'm applying to do a foundation degree in Applied Arts (emcompassing jewellery, ceramics and textiles) and I need to put together a portfolio for my interview (waiting for that date...). I dropped out of A levels and have recently completed a community college course in jewellery making but I have none of the entry qualifications required, which means getting accepted hinges on my experience and display...eek! I'll be going in as a mature student (makes me feel sooo old!) and have no idea what to expect or how to put together a portfolio... PLEASE... can someone advise me? Pictures of portfolio's would be great, all I need is a little guidance and I'll be halfway there.

Hope you can help *puts on sad face like Puss In Boots in Shrek*

ETA oh yeah, work examples I haven't gifted: Jewellery, wire wrapping, beaded bookmarks, beadweaving, knitting, cross stitch, tapestry, patchwork, quilting, beanbags, clothing. I also have photography examples (it's a 4th year option).

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ooo I'm good at this I helped Roma when she needed one! You want like a big plastic wallet thing and just put things in order, showing the progression made. You might already have these though so if you already do just pick 2 or 3 to put into the portfolio:

So start with some simple observational drawings, of anything. So do about 5 and select the best ones.
Then do some of the area you want to go into, so some of jewellery and make compositions of different jewellery. Do 5 again but use different materiels like a pen, ink, chalk.

Then from all those take negative spaces out (the spaces in between the items, pick interesting shapes) and mess about with ideas on paper for new jewellery, label everything with notes, what material you would use, stick on samples of material.

Make models of ideas and include ceramics (just use fimo and mess around!) and textiles and take pics of them and use the photos you already have and be ready to talk about stuff. If you're talking about stuff you did before just say what the breif was, what your initial ideas were, what you would improve, what you like about it.

back everything on black paper.

the most important thing is showing progression of ideas, I hope it helps!

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ooh I can help too, show us some of your peices please

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