Hello A Newbie here

I am new here to this forum and would like to get to know
you all. I have a small craft business making beautiful dolls
out of plastic canvas.
I have a question? Is there any place /or how can I post a picture
of my dolls so everyone can see what I do?


The above is my photobucket links that has pics of my dolls.

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Hi and welcome!

The best way to post your projects is to press the "new project" button in your profile. Or you can post them on the board, we're always curious about what people make. Go ahead I'd say!

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here is a how to on how to post a project and nmake a how to for it! enjoy! Happy

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Welcome to the boards Happy

To let everyone see your projects, the best way is probably to post a how-to like Marieke and Ezme said.

To just post a picture in your message on the boards, type:
img] then put the url or your picture in here / img]
(just without the spaces)

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