Where are you going?
Where have you been?
Where do you want to go?

Geographical locations. Not in life.....

I'm going to Cali in 5 days to visit my BFF and her baby, and in March I get to go to Vegas, and Death Valley.

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Coo, have fun in Cali!

I'm going to Sweden on Sunday to visit my sister, her husband and my little niece Anna. She's lived there for 4 years now and I go at least twice a year.

I have been in:


I still want to go to:

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I've hardly travelled anywhere Happy

I've been round England a lot, and I've been to Scotland a load of times and Wales (for an afternoon haha), but they're all really part of the same country.

But on my travels abroad I've been to:
Amsterdam twice
Paris and Strasbourg, France

In July/August this year I'm going to Honduras in Central America for 2 weeks which I'm really excited about Happy

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I've hardly been anywhere either but I have big dreams!!

I've been around the States a bit and to Mexico - and as of 2 weeks from now, I'll be going to England!!

Still, I'd LOVE to see....

1.Ireland - Faeries!!!
2.Scotland - Nessie!
3. New Zealand - it's gorgeous and well. Lord of the Rings, anyone?
4. JAPAN!! This should probably be on top. I love the architecture, fashion, culture.... now I just need to learn the language... Happy

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i have been to italy

France and Spain
andddd (dramatic drum roll.....)

and i want to go everywhere

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I want to go everywhere

I have lived all over Canada, Ireland, Germany and China. I have visited the UK, Denmark and France(twice)

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I want to go everywhere too.
I should take the first step and get a passport.

I've lived,

WI - Kenosha
IL - Waukegan
MO - Springfield/Billings
AZ - Phoenix/Mesa

I've traveled to,

WI - Milwaukee
IL - Chicago (4X aside from living in IL)
OR - Portland
MO - Springfield (2x)
CA - Fresno/Selma (2X/about to be 3)
CA - LA/Long Beach
CA - San Diego (2X)
CA - Catalina Island

Mexico - Ensinada/La Buffadora

I've stopped in a few places driving,

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I have been to:

Spain - Majorca, Salou, Tenirife, Lanzerote
France - Paris
America - New York!!!
Italy - Florence. To get to Italy we went through France and Switzerland and had to go through Milan to get to florence, but Milan was just a motorway for us lol

In this country: I have been to London several times, to Wales loooads because family are there and Scotland loooads and the Lake District once.

I am going to: I never count Florence as a holiday but that was a year ago now and i won't be going on holiday till 2010 when we'll hopefully be going to Austrailia for a month for the cricket. Luckily there won't be cricket everyday for the month so we'll get to do things as a couple, I'm not going to watch the cricket at all lol. I picked up a broshure about destinations there. I've been invited to go to spain with my boyfriend's family in the meantime but I can't afford to go.

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