American Girl Hijab

Hey everyone,
I need a super easy pattern for a hijab that fits an 18" doll (American Girl). I am not a sewer, so the easier the better. Does anyone have anything or is able to create something for me? It would be much appreciated by me, and by the kids in my community. TIA!
(PS, I've seen this one: and I can't quite see how it works)

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Hi Muffinator (great name btw! xD)

That's pretty easy, even for someone without any experience! Just try it. Creating your own stuff is always more satisfying than letting someone else do it.

You have to have fabric, 2x the size of the pattern.
(you can even make your own, since it is just half a circle!

Fold the fabric in half. where the fold is that is the left side of the pattern.
Where it says 'hem this edge' that is where the head comes through so that has to fit your doll. You have to fold over the edges of the fabric a little bit and sew it onto itself so not on the other side.

Part A and B is where you sew the both together (hem first, so it looks neater and you won't have a shift in the fabric from where you hammed and where you stitched.

Hope this makes sense! Really, just try it, you might surprise yourself with your craftiness ;)

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Since I'm SUPER bad about getting back here and replying this is two years later.... But I wanted to share a picture of the hijab I made for our American Girl Doll!
This is Samira Ali

Medium camerazoom 20150516162521163
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