Sewing Machine!

So I'm not sure where I should post this or if I am even doing this correctly but here it goes.

I was recently gifted a sewing machine, something I have wanted...well for years. There is one slight setback...I have no idea how to work it.

I've never really had anyone around me who..would sew? We're all pretty crafty (you get that way when money is tight!) But we don't I love sewing by hand but I only know a few things because I don't have anyone around to really show me how its done.

I was just wondering could anyone try to either link me to helpful things or explain some of the basics of operating a sewing machine and sewing by hand.

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Do you know the make and model number of the machine? A lot of newer machines have downloadable pdf files of the manuals which have helpful tips in them on setup, different stitches, and usually a troubleshooting page in case you get stuck. I think has a beginners sewing class online. You pay for it once and then you can do a little bit whenever you have time. The tutorial videos are there forever once you pay for them.

I learned a lot from books and tutorials on youtube when I was getting started. Look on Amazon for beginner's sewing books. The reviews are usually a great indication of whether or not the book will be a good fit, and if your local library is any good they probably have some of the same books for free. This one was really helpful for me:

Once you figure out the basic setup and maintenance, the best way to get accustomed to your machine is just to start sewing! Most people's first machine projects tend to be pillows, since they're all straight seams with a basic running stitch. Using different fabrics and learning to adjust your tension accordingly will save you lots of frustration down the line. The One Yard Wonders series are full of beautiful projects for all levels of sewing once you get used to the basics of your machine.

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