Need some inspiration for scrapbooking!

Hi all, I'm new here. Happy

Ever since I can remember I've always wanted to make my own scrapbook. My fiancée and I have been together for just over 4 years now and I'd like to make a scrapbook about us.

Only problem is I'm not that artistic, shall we say... Craft stuff over here is rather expensive, so I'm looking for any simple ideas anyone has. I know this is a personal thing, so I gather people may not be able to give much advice, but if anyone has any then feel free. Happy

I also wondered if anyone has any links to some scrapbooking websites where I can look at some layouts / ideas?

Thanks. ^_^

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I made 2 scrapbook pages for myself and my boyfriend for our first year anniversary together. Here's some pics from mine:

^Both the pages together

^The white part with the heart stuck on it is a cute letter he wrote me, which can be folded open

^Hearts cut out of magazines stuck on those puffy double-sided stickers

^A Domo sticker, because the first thing he did when we met was burst into song and sing Domo's theme song, lol xD

^Some love themed lettering cut out of magazines

Hope this gives you some ideas! =]

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Copy and paste this link to use as your URL. These are really fun to use for scrapbooking, especially if you glue letters or photos into them. They are really cheap to make, and they look professional.

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I don't know where you live but stores in the US like Michaels, and Hobby Lobby sell scrapbook "kits" basically they include complementary papers, stickers, and usually have layout ideas as well. Definitely don't get discouraged, scrapbooking is one of those things that you will get better at as you do it more. I would suggest looking at other people's scrapbooks to get an idea of what techniques and color schemes you like. You will also get ideas about what type of pictures to take for future scrapbooks. For example close-up photos of items work well in scrapbooks. At my wedding I made sure we got plenty of ring, flower, etc photos. If you plan of doing alot of journaling and don't want to write by hand, maybe consider a letter stamp set, they look professional and are easily readable, I have a tiny set I picked up for a $1 at Michaels

Here is a website that you can look at different scrapbook pages and get some ideas and inspiration!

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Here are some links to websites to get you started with Scrapbooking.

Scrapbooking 101
This site contains information regarding supplies, basic techniques and scrapbooking basics (see the menu on the left-hand side)

Scrapbooking Terms and Jargon

Everything about Scrapbooking
The basic make-up of a scrapbooking layout
Learn how to make a scrapbook
How to scrapbook with step-by-step instructions
Free scrapbook layout ideas

Tearing Technique (Video Tutorial)

Beginner Scrapbooking Tutorial - Creating your First Layout (Video)

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I'm in the process of making a scrapbook for the same purpose ~ I just looked up general acrapbooking ideas and twisted them to fit us as a couple

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