Embossing powder

Hi everyone! I'm Ashleigh. I just found this amazing site this evening. I am thrilled with the inspiration I have found here and I am definitely going to my local craft store in the morning! Happy
I have been making shrinky dink necklaces for awhile and I always thought they needed something to make them look more "finished" or "polished" if you will.
I discovered embossing powder tonight lol.
I was going to purchase some on Ebay but they all mentioned something about rubber stamps and I wanted to be sure I was buying the right kind to use with shrinky dinks. So does it matter what kind I get?
Also does this make the shrinky dinks not as fragile as usual? Are they a little bit more sturdy because of the powder?
And I was wondering if I put like pink embossing powder on a white shrinky dink if it would turn it completely pink or if you would still see some white through it?

Thanks so much for all the awesome ideas and information. I look forward to getting to know you all and share some of my projects with you.
Sorry for all the questions Happy

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I don't know the answers to all your questions but I do for the first one- embossing powder was not made to be used with shrinky dinks, it was meant to be used with rubber stamps but as ppl have found it works great on the shrinky dinks, so there aren't certain embossing powders for shrinky dink art just buy whatever you find.

See if your craft store has embossing powder rather than going on Ebay as in the end it'll probably work out cheaper unless your craft store doesn't stock embosing powders but it is quite common so they should do.

Now I'm just guessing but I'm pretty sure the embossing powder wouldn't make the shrinky dinks that much stronger, it'd probably just mak it feel rougher.

Also guessing with your last question, if you put enough on it probably wouldn't show through so I'd apply the embossing powder liberally.

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Thank you for your help!
Yeah I am going to try and go look at my craft store today and see how much it runs there or if they even have it but on ebay they have sets where you can get quite a few colors for not very much money at all so I'll see what I figure out about that haha :]

Thanks again!

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yeah, it might be cheaper on ebay it just depends, well good luck with your embossing endeavours!

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