Birthday prezzie! (For my mom)

Okay, this year I want to MAKE something for my mom. She's really into Adventure Time and actually asked, straight up asked me if I could make her the horse plushy she saw on deviantart and on here. I kinda weaseled my way out of it, "umh well its head is kinda circular and umhh I've never made a horse and ummhh sorryyyy *flees*", but she really wants it and I know it would make her ecstatic to get it as a present on her birthday.

If anyone knows of a tutorial, please please share! If not, can someone point me in the direction of a similar-shaped horse tutorial and I'll just try to get the face to fit on it... The rest of his body is mostly normal though kinda round and fat, but I can edit that in easily to any horse, its just trying to get his odd round poo-brain head to fit on right is going to be hard.. I've searched everywhere and all I can find are horses other people made with no clue as to how they made them..

Anyways, thanks for your time. Here's a link to the horse plushy on here for reference! would love to know how it was made x_x

(Oh wait, her birthday is Jan 18th, forgot to mention that, so if anyone can help me before that it'd be awesome thanks!)

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