Starting a CPS Lab! :)

So, after years of contemplating whether or not I want to start a cold process soap lab, I finally decided that I do. I just ordered my lye and vegetable fats on Friday and it looks like I'm going to have them before the end of the week Happy

I'm pretty excited because I found really high quality materials all from the same place. Right now, I'm only really searching for good essential oils that don't cost an arm and a leg.

I'm having a sale on my Etsy shop in order to try to liquidate the hand-milled glycerin soaps I've made. if you're interested. CPS20 is the coupon code I'm using so people can save 20% off everything.

While I wait for my supplies to arrive, I've been coming up with some recipes that I'm really excited about. It's going to be fun to make soaps entirely from scratch. I've been doing some research, too, so I can make something totally awesome.

I'm so excited!

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