Dollar Store Scores- What have YOU found?

I thought I would create this, as I'm a penny pincher- but not in the extreme. But, if I can easily save a few bucks, I will. Happy

So, this is my list of items I have scored on, or found, that can be used in arts or crafts at a Dollar Store- what have YOU found? Happy

MY Arts/Craft Finds at Dollar Tree Stores:
Colored Sand
Decorative Rocks (small - med.)
Candle Holders
Fake flowers and garnishments/foilage
Decorative Ribbon
Colored wire/Floral wire
Styrofoam shapes
Picture Frames
Framed Mirrors
Colored Pipecleaners
Googly Eyes
Plain & Colored Popsicle Sticks
Decorative punches
Scrapbook paper
Scrapbook Stickers and Embellishments
Glitter Glue
Fabric Paint
Miniature Reusable Bags to decorate (approx. 8" X 8")
Safety Pins
Sewing Kit
Crafting Scissors (variety of designs)
Sharpie markers
Glass jars
LED Display stand (approx. 2" X 2")
Plain Christmas stockings
Decorative storage tins
Party favors (BDay, Wedding, & Baby Shower)
Shred (variety of colors)
Tissue paper (variety of colors)
Scotch tape
Packaging tape
Rubber stamps
Stamp Ink
Decorative Yarn
Willow wreaths
Decorative signs
Plastic bottles
Temporary tattoos
Wire Cutters
All purpose glue
Super Glue
Hot glue sticks
Hot glue gun
Foam letters
Foam Shapes
Glitter Foam Sheets
Foam Sheets
Plain Clip Fridge Magnets
Wall decals
Wallpaper boarder
Vinyl laminate floor tiles
Barretts, Hair Clips
Incense Burners
Oil Diffusers
Zen Gardens
Tea light candles
Battery powered Christmas Lights
Battery powered tea light candles

Ugh. Brain dead now. LOL I will post more as I remember them, unless someone else adds it first. Happy

So..... what have you scored on for your arts or crafts at the Dollar Store?

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I've found a lot of awesome things, most of which I still have sitting around or that I use a lot in soapmaking/packaging.

Resealable printed bags
Gift bags
Favor boxes
Silicone ice cube trays
Colored ink pads
Glass vases
Sea glass shards
Clear loot bags
Plastic skeleton hands
Halloween mesh-style cloth
Kitchen shears
Plastic wrap
Misc. cooking utensils

I always see really neat stuff but I only tend to buy what I need as I need it.

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Thanks for sharing! Happy I always see stuff, sometimes I don't have the money at that time to get everything I would like. I haven't purchased EVERYTHING on my lists, but I wanted to share them for those looking for similar items for cheap, so they can know where they can look for the deals.

Here are a few more scores at the Dollar Store-

Pony Beads
Window Catchers (the kind you paint then place in the window)
Wrapping Paper
Gift Bags
Dream Catchers
Bath Salts
Clothes Pins
Plastic Storage Bins & Containers
Photo paper (printing)
Printing Labels (CD, DVD, Mailing, Address, etc.)
Poster Board
Foam Board
Poster Paint
Paint brushes
Finger paint
Playing Cards
Craft Books
Hard cover books
Gift boxes
Holiday Lights
Decorative Lightbulbs
Button Lights
Colored & Blacklight Bulbs

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We don't have dollar stores or anything similar here in South Africa =
I've always wanted to go to one because I hear about them so much on sites like these

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I know that the Dollar Tree has a website where you can purchase the items and have them shipped. I don't know if they ship to Africa, though. Worth checking out. Only issue is you need to order by the case or half case instead of each like you do in the stores.

Hope that helps you!

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In England we have Pound Land, which is the same concept. One year as a bit of a joke, i bought my friends Disney socks from there for Christmas Happy

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