Anti-bullying Videos: Help me come up with some ideas?!

Ok, so I volunteer for Stonewall (an LGBT charity), and they've asked me to make some film clips, but I'm completely uninspired!

- Five 2-3 minute long clips
- be creative
- stonewall should be able to use them to promote Anti-bullying week
- help raise awareness of homophobic bullying
- The clips can be educational; amusing; personal- anything you like, as long as they address the issue of homophobic language and its impact on young people.
-The clips can all be linked- for example gradually telling a story or could be all separate and addressing a different issue or even word each day

Here's what I've come up with so far:
- A time lapse video of a girl's face on a blank background, with homophobic words vox popped over it. The words start of as murmurs, but get louder as the video goes on. As they get louder, you see the girl getting sadder and looking sicker. It keeps crescendoing until you can hear her shout 'Stop'... Dn't know where to go from there

Or a similar Idea is that the girl slowly fades away the more words there are, and show some statistics about gay teen suicide rates.
- Just the word 'self esteem' on the screen, acting as scales, and homophobic words start tipping the scales, or something like that... Or the words falling on the 'self esteem' and crushing it slowly.
- POV video of walking through a school corridor, and as you walk past, people stop their conversations and turn to look at you, and you can hear vox pops 'thoughts' of the people like 'did you hear she's a dyke' sort of thing.
- heterophobic words like 'dirty breeder' or 'hetero freak' being shouted at a straight kid. could go on to say 'This would be ridiculous, but thousands of LGB people in the UK suffer this in schools and the workplace everyday.'

Or using 'that's so straight/hetero' instead of 'thats so gay', again going on to explain that it's reidiculous, but people still do it.

Anyway, can you help me refine these ideas? Or come up with better ones? PLEEEEEASE?? Much love

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Maybe someone who gets bullied by people and the the text:
"How would YOU feel if you hear these words EVERY DAY!?"

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I like the first idea.I think you should stick with that one and along with each negative word being shown you should also include a statistic beside it (in a different color). I think the message should be that love does not discriminate;why should people. Don't let your words cause another human life to become yet another statistic. Maybe you could include a help line at the end.

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Aww that's great thanks for your help Happy Here's what I'm submitting:
1. Slideshow of news clippings of gay people who have committed suicide, been attacked, murdered etc. Over the top of this, there are voice clips of people saying the usual ‘I don’t mean that’s so gay as in homosexual’, ‘what harm does it do?’, ‘I can’t do anything to stop homophobic bullying’ etc. Ends with the caption ‘Every little hurts’ (?)
2. Voiceover of various people talking about a particular time they were bullied, quotes from the school report: “I was once threatened by a friend’s brother over an instant message that he would beat me to death on the streets if he saw me or torch my house whilst I’m sleeping in it. He also told me not to go down to a local event as he worked there and if he saw me he would get his friends to help him.” “There was no single bully to be targeted. The school I was in for GCSEs is quite a conservative, traditional school so it was more or less ignored as much as possible and I was told to make my sexuality less obvious.” “At one point it really got to me with all the stuff that was going on, and to be honest I really couldn’t take it anymore. So I had to change my phone, and be taken from some of my lessons because it got so bad.” “The Teachers are in on the joke”. – could talk about one of my experiences. Almost two thirds of lesbian, gay and bisexual teenagers have to deal with experiences like these regularly. How would you feel?
3. A time-lapse style video of a girl’s face, who starts off smiling. There are voice clips of different people saying various homophobic words, starting off quiet and sparse. The words get louder and her face gets sadder, and she looks more sick and tired until she gradually fades away. End text reads ‘40% of LGB adults who were bullied at school have attempted suicide.’ ‘Don't let your words cause another human life to become yet another statistic’
4. Starts off light hearted and cheesy, young gay person explaining the ‘top 5 things about being gay’ to the camera:
- ‘When you get a boyfriend, your wardrobe doubles!’
- ‘Two words: Kylie Minogue! Now you can admit that you like her!’
- ‘You can go to gay pride and drown yourself in rainbows!’
- ‘The LGBT community are a fun group of people. They know what I’ve been through and can offer me support’
- ‘You get to experience regular heckling from strangers’ Someone walks into him and mutters ‘stupid fag’. Boy goes and sits with his head in his hands.
5. Plain screen with homophobic words being shouted/whispered, and you can hear the victim saying things like ‘stop it’ ‘I can’t take it anymore’ ‘It’s just me’ etc, being drowned out by the homophobic words. Text appears on screen as the victim is talking, clearly distressed, asking why it’s happening. ‘Almost two thirds of young lesbian, gay and bisexual people experience homophobic bullying in Britain’s schools. You can stop it.’

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