attaching stuff to fabric.

i want to redecorate my room by tacking up a large piece of fabric to a wall and then attaching things like photos, postcards and other bits and bobs to it. i'm just not sure how i would attach stuff to the fabric. i suppose i could safety pin stuff to the fabric, but do you people have an alternative suggestion?

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You could use webbing strips to make a 3 sided pocket for the heavier things. You make them by having 2 sides and a bottom piece sewn together with / and \ stitching in the corners.

Just take a long strip. Fold it over to create the corner and stitch diagonal. Then measure the bottom length and do the same for the second corner.

Stitch onto the fabric near the edge to create a strip pocket Happy

You could also use plastic wallets to protect your photo's.

Velcro sticky dots work well too.

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If you were to make the fabric really taught and put up ribbons just like a ribbon notice board you can use the ribbons to keep things on the wall like this:

It doesn't have to be structured and can look something like this:

And then you could use little pegs or just tuck stuff behind the ribbon?

Or what about sewing lots of buttons onto your fabric before you put it up and then cutting little slots in the top of your pictures that you want to put up and slipping them over the buttons.

Or you could cut frame pockets out of your fabric - like cut lots of frame holes (just shy of 4x6 or 5x7 photograph sizes and then hem or bias bind the frames and sew a bit of fabric at the back slightly larger so you can just slot picture into little frames in the fabric.

Hope you understand some of that =D

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