Looking for an afghan pattern for my mother in law.....

My mother in law is turning 50 and we are having a surprise party for her, the rule is gifts have to be related to getting old...

I have a stash of black and gray yarn and would like to make her a small afghan or lap-ghan but cannot find a good, quick and simple pattern.

Does anyone know of a pattern (crochet or knit) that could be made in less than two weeks? I am pretty fast so if it is fairly simple I think I can make it in time.

Sidenote: I would love it if the pattern incorporated skulls in some way, I like skulls and this is the one chance I have to make her something with skulls that will make sense to her. (getting old + skulls, makes sense, right?)

Thanks in advance for any ideas!

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Here's a basic one I found on Stumbleupon today. It's nothing fancy but looks like it could be knit up quickly.

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