Hey ive had a few people try explain ATC's to me but i'm sill rather baffled. I was hoping people could maybe post up some of there own creations and try break it down for me. Is itjust a certain size piece of card, decorated in anyway? do the bunch of card need to be of the same theme? im just really interested in doing the atc swap but dont want to get it wrong. x

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Hi Rosii,

My understanding of an ATC.

Artist Trading Card.

This is a small piece of art, designed and created by you on a piece of card/paper/fabric that is 64mm x 89mm.

You swap them almost like business cards, but it is more of a fun way to swap art with people.

You can decorate them any way you want to, with any medium/colour/style you like.

You can make original, one of a kind, unique ATC's.

You can make sets of identical ATC's which would be an Edition

You can make sets of themed ATC's which would be a series.

If you google ATC's then you will see so many sites that will give you ideas.
If you have interests and ideas of your own, make your own art.

I like mine to be inspirational, or if I can find out what my swap partner is interested in, I will tailor make ATC's to suit their tastes.
I like to make recycled ATC's and sparkly ATC's. Nearly every ATC I send out has glitter on it somewhere.

I will try and pop some in the post to you to give you some ideas.


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thank you for that kimmi. That has really helped me! I have a much better understanding of it now. Thank you x

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