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Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi Shana, yes your a lucky one.LOL goodmorning by the way, its here moring, but with you it will be an other time.LOL
i don't know i've it is by you then earllyer or later.
but okay.LOL
thank you for your complements. I have just pimped my new brand big yellow elektric wheelchair.LOL Only on beneat it was bright yellow but the chair it self was boring black. Okay black can be a great colour too, but i like bright colours, i always wearing them too. so when i asked i've they could use some colour fabric and they said no i thought okay then i must do it my self
about the weehlie thing, its not a problem i'm used to that.
its like shoes for others,LOL and sometimes it is really handy and sometimes not. but i'm creative so i managed to deal with this.;-D
I'm a tough cookie.LOL
I have used mexican table cloth and some red strech velvet.
yesterday i have maked my first colourfull trip with it. I'm used that everybody is looking at me , i always think stupid because i'm only a VIP in my own city because of my chairs.LOL
And i have done a lot of work in this town , so thats why they know me too. but ... yesterday it was more fun .lOL
but i have stilll problems with my neck so i couldn't enjoy the fun. mayby later.
i must wait till friday then my fave helping person Gerard can help me with the new battery to put in my computer.
mayby then i can upload again some projects.
computer problems.LOL
but okay, sometimes you must with those too creative.
Hey have a nice fun awesome day.
much hugs , love , warmth and kindness and kisses
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi Shana, welcome to this site as a new member, i hope you like it here, and enjoy the projects and got many friends and inspirations of your own, but you have now two friends.;-D Yeaaaah we are now friends too. thank you for asking me, i 've you like we can write on here, but tell me somthing more about your self, in only know now that you live in USA, and i'm a dutch one.LOL
Okay i'm a big talker, i know so don't worry you don't have to answer all my letters.LOL
have an awesome great fun week;-D xxx