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    stuck for ideas for my Nans 80th Birthday present!

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    Hi any ideas would be greatly appreciated please!

    My Nan is turning 80 in May and would like to make her something really special to commemorate it. Trouble is she's a very crafty woman herself so I feel it's gunna have to be something impressive! Also shes not your average 80yr old shes always on the go and on her laptop- I wouldn't be surprised if she signed up to CO&K!

    I've made her jewellery in the past so don't really wanna do that again but I crochet and sew so any ideas???

    Thanks X

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    That's a tough one. You could make her a laptop sleeve or an embellished water bottle or both Happy Or, if she likes to cook, get her a cook book. We got my step great grandmother a basket full of exotic fruits, that is also an idea Happy Oh and I've got another one: take several big mason jars, and put stuff for making cakes, hot chocolate, cookies, etc. inside in pretty layers, like so:


    I hope I've helped a bit Happy