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    should i post

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    i haven't had time to to do any new stuff like i usually do because i am an art major and have those projects to work on. should i post some ceramics projects and tutorials

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    Of course if your happy to.Note as, your Vet, I stopped posting project ages ago.Writing tutorials and giving away lesson plans can be really hard. So go with what makes you happy always ;0)

    Wold love to "see" more of you work as we're a visual bunch.

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    If you have anything interesting please share but (when I get around to posting a project) I would be unhappy if there were not lots of people looking at it even if they were those who never posted

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    I'd love to see them. My bf does ceramics and has his own studio so I always like seeing different peoples styles.

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    Me too! I've always wanted to get into those ceramic classy!

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    Definitely. I love ceramics and I would love to see what ideas and projects you have.

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    I'd also love to see what you made. Your projects could be a great inspiration for all of us.

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    I've posted a few art projects I've made during my college art classes. Always good feedback! (Tho I only posted my best ones haha)

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    i just got some pieces in a show ill post them

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    I find inspiration and ideas in just about every post I've seen here. Even if it's not something I do, some other part of it may inspire me... heck, even a well laid out tutorial is a great lesson.

    Please, post away as you desire.

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    Please do post, I'd love to see it!