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    I took a day off and went shopping today. Bought a gorgeous little cardigan, 4 lovely fat quarters, yasmin tea in a pretty can and wrapping paper.

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    foodstuffs for making nachoes tomorrow. I wish I could go fabric shopping

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    lovely red and green beads and some metal and glass lanterns which ive painted up all pretty :)

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    Some felt, a zipper for a make-up bag I'm making and some gorgeous smoky acrylic crystal beads to play with:)
    Oh and some small metal nuts and washers for playing with also:)

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    i bought a tredmill for $30 at a thrift store it works great. i love it and its a whole lot better than paying $300 for it.

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    hell yeah, I bought fabric online

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    I bought a stash of kiddie print fabric!

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    Yesterday I bought a cute cupboard for my new craftroom.

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    :) I bought a yummy hamburger and ate it

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    A new camera =D
    Canon powershot A720 ^_^

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    Hello Kitty stuff at Target!! Unless of course, you count paying my library fine as a purchase. Tee Hee!

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    brown sugar, coconut, walnuts, white sugar, butterscotch chips, sweetened condensed milk...can anyone guess that I'm starting my holiday cookie baking??? :)

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    A black industrial piercing: http://prinsessmeerkaas.files.wordpress.com/2009/12/lb2-001.jpg (I only give you the link, because I am afraid otherwise my enormous head will fill your computer screen ;) ).

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    Tampons and cookies.

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    Hit the Maybelline counter this afternoon and got a mascara, mousse foundation (in a shade called "death warmed up" as I iz so pasty lol) and an 18 hour lip colour. Also got a bunch of felt squares in various colours at the haberdashery (fave word) and a whole heap of spices=)