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    Ideas for what to put in resin?

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    OK so there is a WORLD OF AMAZINGNESS when it comes to resin. There are more than likely THOUSANDS of things you can put in resin to create unique one of a kind jewelry.

    So what are some of your idea's to put in resin? What have you done, or what WOULD you do if you could?

    My favorite idea's I've had so far are

    -tiny gears and such [like from machinery]

    -flowers and leaves and naturey stuff

    -candy sprinkles

    -make a mold that's hollow and fill it with water and such [like a portable snowglobe or something]

    -comic strips

    -tiny beads

    -earbuds [like from headphones]

    -little skulls and bats and scary stuff

    -paint [I'm not quite shure if it would work, but I've seen it]

    -any kind of picture

    -Stars, Hearts, Horseshoes, Clovers and Blue moons, Pots of golden rainbows, and the Red Balloons [yes that is the Lucky Charms song Happy]

    -fabric with cool texture and stuff

    AND I PUT all of these because I want NEW ideas, different thing. Most of these, everyone does. COME UP WITH SOMETHING REALLY ORIGINAL! Happy


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    okay these may not be particularly original but these are what I came up with-coins,buttons,needle/thread(don't know if that would work), paperclips and/or thumtacks(colourful ones would look best), a watch face, barbie shoes, stamps, lego, little keys that you get with diaries or spare ones from luggage padlocks, lucky stars(tutorial on here) and origami paper cranes.

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    I like those! Especially the coins and the keys. Happy

    I've only worked with resin once, and I wasn't the one working with it, so I don't know... but wouldn't paper maybe get destroyed? :/

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    egg shell, my mum found blackbirds egg shell (I think)outside and I tried to use superglue as resin and it just wouldn't dry so I had to throw the shell away and I had had it for ages!! but next time I find an egg shell I'll get some resin Happy I think I'd put a flower in resin too I wonder if it would preserve it like amber and tree sap does to bugs! I haven't really looked for resin in the craft shop but I feel like making some earrings or a necklace Happy

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    paper might not work, I really don't know, never used the stuff before

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    I recently bought a small resin kit and a mold form, but I'm nervous about trying it out. Any hints for somone who's never done it before? Keep in mind I'm a little new to crafts.

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    There is a resin forum thing open [actually two] that could help you. I REALLY have no clue when it comes to resin [though I hope to sometime soon].

    ACTUALLY beryl, you and your type writter of awesome are what gave me that first idea for the gears and stuff. Happy

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    I think it's probably best to try it out first a few times so you know what you're doing more when it comes to the proper project. You waste less that way Happy and the tester might come out great anyway so nothing wasted

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    I'm still looking for somewhere to buy resin. The only place I've found it is Hobbycraft and it's really expensive for a little bottle :\.

    I wanna put gummy sweets in resin, like Haribo or something. I love the red hearts with the white foam on the back, I want to make some pendants out of those.

    And I really want to find a four leaf clover and put that in resin as well Happy

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    great ideas everyone!

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    Thanks- it's funny, I really perked up when I read the gears bit- soon I'm going to break out the resin kit.

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    You could put some of those valentines candy hearts in them. Don't know where you could buy them now, maybe the internet?

    <a href="http://s212.photobucket.com/albums/cc1/mka1234/?action=view&current=candy_hearts1.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i212.photobucket.com/albums/cc1/mka1234/candy_hearts1.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

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    Love Hearts! I completely forgot about those! Another thing to add to my "put some of those in resin" list haha.

    Although the ones we have here don't look like that, they look like this

    They're really cheap, 25p for a pretty big roll. I love cheap sweets Happy

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    I really don't understand HobbyCraft..I tend to craft because it's cheaper and funner then going to a shop for a card or whatever and there's all these old ladies spending looooads in there and they don't know they could get it cheaper somewhere else just because something doesn't say 'Card making thingies' doesn't mean you can't use them for that it doesn't make sense!

    You want The Range - type your postcode http://www.therange.co.uk/bin/venda I bet there will be at least one range in London!

    resin: http://www.therange.co.uk/invt/283967

    my favourite love hearts are the white ones.

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    The closest one to me is Enfield, and it's on the other side of London to me Happy

    I just looked up the journey, and it's half an hour on the train, half an hour on the tube, 5 minutes on another train and then 20 minutes walk!


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