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    Iron-on transfer problem

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    So I'm using the transfer and following the instructions, it doesn't always adhere properly to the fabric (instructions say maximum heat, medium pressure with plain/greaseproof paper on top, 10 seconds, wait until fully cool then peel off backing sheet) sometimes the background is white and hasn't stuck down. So I have to iron it again. Next up the instructions say to put plain/greaseproof paper over it and iron again for 10 seconds (doesn't say heat) then after just 2-3 seconds remove the plain paper. This is when the biggest problem occurs. the transfer sticks to the paper and comes off of the fabric Happy

    I don't know what to do.

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    Are you using iron on transfer for light coloured fabrics? The kind you do a reverse print with?

    This usually has a green and orange backing paper, with little pictures of irons on it....place face down on fabric and iron at maximum heat, (cotton setting or 3 dots) until the orange iron symbols turn brown...then remove the backing paper. There is no need for plain paper or greasproof paper at that stage.

    After removing backing paper, place a sheet of plain copy paper, that you would use in a printer, over the transfer area, iron with a hot iron, same temperature as used before, then whip it off...it takes away some of the sticky transparent residue with it.

    Now get another sheet of plain paper and repeat...you may even have to repeat again , using a new sheet of paper each time,if there's still some sticky background left.

    It's much easier to use "Transfer paper for dark fabrics" if you can get it.

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    I'm not sure, there was only 1 set of transfer paper in the art shop. you print out the image, and I followed the instructions on the packet. The backing paper is plain on the side you print on, it is white with squares on the other side. No symbols about when to iron except 10 seconds.

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    Ah, that's the one that's sold as "iron on for dark fabrics".

    OK, you just print what you want to transfer, without reversing the image. You remove the backing paper, after ink has dried (about half an hour after printing)

    You then have a filmy white- backed sheet ...lay this on the fabric, printed side up. Put a sheet of silicone paper over it, there is usually at least one sheet of this supplied with the transfer paper, check the pack. It looks like white greaseproof paper.

    I then press using an iron set to the two-dot setting, as I find if you set it too high it will scorch this type of tranfer paper.

    Press for about 20-30 seconds, then peel away the silicone paper... that's it finished

    Ordinary greaseproof paper is no use for this, it just sticks, you need the silicone- coated stuff.

    If you don't have any in the pack, pm. me your address and I'll send you a sheet...I have some spare.

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    There isnt any paper to peel off before ironing. I know there are two sheets of paper which are green on one side in the packet. I'll have to check it tomorrow to see if anything peels off, but the instructions don't say anything about peeling something before ironing.

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    That's really weird then, what make is the paper?

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    The brand name is Southfield.

    the green paper just feels like green paper

    and it seems possible to peel the squared backing away, but it says not to do that until it has been ironed onto the fabric once.

    basically the instructions say:

    1. print mirror image onto plain side

    2. cut around leaving a small margin for sealing the image

    3. set iron to maximum heat

    4. put fabric crease free on ironing board/hard surface

    5. place transfer, image down, onto fabric, then place a sheet of good quality paper or greaseproof paper on top

    6. make sure no steam comes from iron. press iron onto the paper for 10 seconds with medium pressure. move the iron a little to make sure the whole image is evenly pressed

    7. remove plain paper and allow fabric to cool down completely

    8. take up an edge of the back of the transfer paper and peel this away from the fabric in one smooth even movement

    9. smooth out the fabric and lay the plain paper back over the image

    10. iron again for a further 10 seconds with medium pressure as before

    11. wait just 2 or 3 seconds and remove the plain paper while it is still hot. this fixing process will improve washability and and texture. if you have any problem with the paper not coming away cleanly take another sheet of paper and repeat the ironing process. remove any remaining paper fibres while they are still hot.

    i got as far as step 10 then when i did step 11 some of the image was stuck on the plain paper so i put another sheet on top and iron it again. this made the whole transfer stick to the plain paper and completely come off of the fabric.

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    OK, that's "iron on transfer for light fabrics"

    There are two things that could have gone wrong....

    Didn't iron it long enough (I iron it for a lot more than 10 seconds...at least 30 sec.)


    If you are ironing onto something like a new tshirt, you need to wash the t-shirt or fabric first to remove any starches or dressings from the new fabric

    Both of the above prevent the transfer from taking well to the fabric

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    I've only used emnroidery transfers, but normally if you iron the fabric first and heat it up before hand, it helps the ink transfer.