Howdy I'm Spyral and I'm pretty fucking hardcore.
hahaha just kidding. Can you imagine?!

I'm the mad scientist of crafting. I'm honestly just mad. I'm fucking nuts and it's awesome! With every craft I do I am almost completely self-taught. I'm left handed so everything I've taught myself has been ass- backwards. No one knits or macramés like me! I am truly original! I create strange, beautiful and unique works of arts that you will NEVER find anywhere else.

I live in a tiny town in the woods near Concord, NH with my family and my cats: Anana, Lyuba & Sam, my dog: Copper & my goat Lucy. It's pretty much a farm. I'm attend med-school to be a pharmacist and work as a pharmacy technician.

I like cats, actually pretty much all animals. I knit, crochet, bead, make jewelry and macramé. I listen to too much metal music but that isn't the only music I like. You'll see from my feed that I listen to some messed up stuff. I swear too much. I'm perfectly flawed and uniquely beautiful.
I'm into archaeology, meditation, rock music, poetry, tsoism, dinosaurs, skeletons, fashion, squids, maynard james keenan, guns, tattoos, iron man, comics, pharmacology, the 20s, movies, dogs, jewelry making, wolverine, body piercing, knitting, medical abnormalities, the 60s, cats, xmen, suicide girls, animals, genealogy, love, thor, anthropology, boys, dr. gonzo, Timothy Olyphant, iron man, documentaries, family guy, wolverine, johnny depp, vintage, nature, beauty, goats, robert downey jr, crocheting, pinups and bunch of other random stuff...

I run 3 blogs and an etsy. I'm crazy busy trying to make my blogs awesome and sell some art on the side.

You should check them.
You'll love my sexual health one it's pretty sexy, it's all about sex and sex is great.

Check me out on my tumblogs and make me tumblr famous. I'm not sure what else to put here. I'll stop now. Have a great day!
Happy trails!

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