The lass is always smiling.x.

Love jewellery..worked in jewellery retail.....love anything to do with jewellery..all shapes and forms.......

Been called " Magpie " when i was a kid, anything that sparkled, it always turned my head.

Now... just a Housewife,with 2 children..... and my 8yr daughter is always badgering me to make something for her that sparkles...looks like my daughter is following me in my footsteps.." Magpie the 2nd ",lol.

Have been registered disabled for 16yrs,and after 32 yrs of falls, dislocations and pain, i have finally been diagnosed with E.D.S type 3, apparnetly i was born with it,and after bafferling doctors, a kind specialist diadnosed me with it,after shedding a lot of tears.

I can't get out and about like i use to, but do my best, it's my legs that let me down, so doing jewellery making as a hobby, keeps the old brain going... lol