I have a couple of shops on Etsy.com, Altered Expectations (mixed media) and Ruby Slipper (all jewelry). I am always looking for something new to experiment with and try out. I think I may be going through a midlife crisis/empty nest thing, but I try to keep busy and give my mind lots of new positive things to think about. I still have one son at home: a skateboarding, scruffy-haired, 12 year old, and two lovable tuxedo cats, brother and sister. My latest new item I am trying is wire work, in jewelry. I also like to draw and am trying watercolors.

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GreenLeaf · Essex, England, GB · 52 projects
Thank you for being my friend and welcome Happy You will find lots of new stuff to do here, I have. Only wish I could add more hours into the day, so many things I want to try out!

Love your Etsy, I want to put my stuff up - havn't had time yet!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend Happy