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So.. the deal with this thing we call "crafting". I started out doing this stuff when I was just a baby. My mom told me that I use to go through a stack of paper per day.. what fun. =D

Anways after I turned 13 I took a break for a little bit since school started taking up more and more time.. what a bummer that was. =/

After summer started I stared getting more and more bored. I also was starting to love Pacman ( <3 ) so I started searching "pacman crafts" and I "stumbled" on this website. (YAY!) Now I'm constantly wanting my mom to take me to the closest craft store to get more supplies.. cant wait till I can drive so I can get it myself! haha

Also some other things about me:
I am in high school. I love my friends even though I must admit they are crazy! haha. I love to experiment with weirdness (if that make sense) I play the cello and love (almost) every moment of it.

Every day is a new adventure you can either accept the quest or be pushed along... you chose. =]

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Angharrad · Liverpool, England, GB · 4 projects
:] Your welcome, its always nice to brighten someones day!
Because the Beatles came from Liverpool it is just FULL of Beatles things! The Beatles museum is really good though. I think because i was born here i have grown a little bored of it but i know if i left i would miss it. It deffinitly worth a visit :]
I would love to visit the US, But its so HUGE so i would never know where to go! lol i have a friend from Tennessee and she could not believe how many different accents we have in the UK because we are so small.
Suzi P.
Suzi P. · 12 projects
btw, since you love pacman...check these out.
pacman cupcakes <3
Jill S.
Jill S. · Cairns, Queensland, AU · 2 projects
Thanks for the fave on my insulated lunch bag! I'm having fun exploring this site too - just found it!
Jolanda · Nederland, Colorado, US · 54 projects
thanks for favouriting my old school project!
are you injoying the summer? sadly my vacation is over, but maybe that is a good thing... I was becoming lazy Tongue
xx jolanda
Maladignia · Amersfoort, Utrecht, NL · 87 projects
Thanks for the fave on my earring hooks. Happy

CO + K User

Hi, thank you for favouriting my washer pendants=)
Ariel Greenwood
Ariel Greenwood · Lake Elsinore, California, US · 108 projects
Hi there,
well I made the sword using a small wooden samurai sword that was lying around and some duct tape and paint. A small plastic sword would be great too! If you can't find any, maybe just carve one out of wood for the point and attatch the handle with duct tape?
Hope this helps,
xo Ariel Grimm