For the past 13 years I've painted murals and wall hangings for a living. I used to teach painting in a craft store for people with little or no experience. I'm now creating PIY (paint it yourself) kits for people online to have fun with.

I live in Northern California with my husband. I raised his 3 sons full time when the moved in at ages 7, 10, & 12. They're all grown up now and our youngest son gave us our greatest give - a grandson - almost 3 years ago.

Painting used to be my salvation when my stepmother's nerves were frayed. I had a tiny little corner in my bedroom where I'd spend hours moving paint around with a brush, getting lost in the beauty of the colors. It calmed me down and filled me with peace.

It's my fervent hope that you give some of my projects a try and find some measure of joy and peace while you paint.

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