I've been making jewelry, crafting, and making things since I was a kid. My mom taught me how to sew, my sister taught me macrame, and I've always been very artistic.

I love making jewelry, and only recently have I been doing it for profit.

I also like to alter t-shirts into more stylish outfits. I will post them soon.

I recently made two "invisible" book shelves, and will post them soon.

Been in the process of making a corduroy patchwork pants for a friend of mine.. someday I'll finish...
Ooh, I should put some of my paintings on here, I'm working on a "Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" series.. Should be fun.
Please feel free to drop by and say hi! I'm always up for a chat, I love find new ideas and making the world beautiful.

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Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi, i have tryed to send you over and over a mail back but it wouldn't be send to you so this is mine:
LOL hi hi,
yes it's okay, i have noticed some a my fave friends on cok having the same strange addiction on here.LOL
i have met her some awesome friends so .... but i must set more the alarmclock to browse less time on here
it cost tooooo much time, like you said too.
i having still problems with my computer, he was fixed and just checked it and he has the same problems-S
sad about it because i was sooooooo glad to upload some projects that i had made.-S
but i have to be patience.LOL
not my fave thing.LOL
but lately i didn't checked so much new projects, now i 'm trying to see all the missed all the paging but i don't think i'm able to watch them all any more, i have done that, but then there were less members.LOL
so i know still what i have seen h ere allready, there a lot tutes, the are the same.LOL
but that's okay .LOL
it give the new ones the same inspiration too.;-D
i must stop allready i'm must do a lot of things still for today, next time more of me;-D
he loved it that you have written me , till soon i hope.
have a great fun awesome week , all m y love ,greetings , hugs and fun with crafting too.

Joy K.
Joy K. · Garland, Texas, US · 80 projects
Aww, thanks~ I like it too ^^ I can't wait to post when I fully finish it into the outfit I originally intended <3
Joy K.
Joy K. · Garland, Texas, US · 80 projects
Thank you for the friend request~ I love your projects ^^ Your jewelry is very lovely <3
<HTML ERROR> · 3 projects
Ohhh ok! Happy

I was wondering if you were also an instructables user XD

Isn't it genious? Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
wooow you enoy it on here like me too much too .LOL
yes i 'm agree with you , i love all those creativety to see, and sometimes you see something and you got inspirated to do something differend with it.
and i like the sharing, i always hopes that people come nearer to each other of other cultures and countrys and what so ever.
I like the sphere here, so kindly, thats helping too.
Most people in my city are soooooooo angry and embittered.-S
i don't like that, so i always try to be stay calme and try to be kind to those persons but sometimes that is helping too not.
Hey i have finished my pimped chair, i have jusnt a brand new big bright yellow elecktric wheelchair had, and only beneat its bright yellow the other part, the chair is of course black.
so stupid that they make for little kiddo's nice coloured chairs, but grown ups must do it with black and grey, i had asked the fabric i've they can make the chair in an other colour but they couldn't or don't wanted to do. so i t hought okay then i will do it my self.
he is now tooooo coloured.LOL like it, i have used the mexican tablecloth and some strechy velvet. i have made some picts of it and when the computer has a new battery i hope he will start and so i can upload it.LOL
Hey i had promised to Gerard to do some administration work for friday to day so i must go n ow.
have an awesome nice day , much love, greetings and hugs with kisses.;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi Subconscience ... LOL to long name to type. you're very welcome;-D
hey welcome to this site i hope you enjoy all those crafting projects and got a lot inspiration of it by your self, and other funny things on here. but ... its sooo nice and kind on here that its really addicted. i'm addicted to COK.LOL
i make with an other friend a lot of jokes about this.LOL Woow you have in such a short time uploaded a lot of projects. awesome.
By the way thank you for the friend request, i like that, Now we are friends. Yaaaah . hey have a nice awesome great fun week;-D xxx