Im a goth girl living in norfolk along the coast with a goth shop called 'Shattered mirror' to run. Happy the shop/flat has 4 floors and i live here with my lovely boyfriend Stephen. We run the shop together.
I like to make my own clothes, and i want to get good enough soon to make clothes for the shop to sell. Happy i'm always on the lookout for pieces of ribbon or lace that i can add to a boring dress or lifless skirt. And when its boring in the shop, i will sit and sew. Happy

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Goth Kitty
Goth Kitty · Great Yarmouth, England, GB · 19 projects
wow! thank you so much girls! Happygot some new creations on the way. Happy
cinderelly · 4 projects
thanks for faving my bustle creation! cute website, good luck with your shop!
Miss Circus
Miss Circus · San Leandro, California, US · 13 projects
Hi! hand sewing is the way to go. There's more heart in it. I've seen your pink and black gothic net and lace skirt and I ADORE IT! I would love to be friends ^^