Hey I'm Emily.
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Laura Gloomy.Panda
Laura Gloomy.Panda · Rochdale, England, GB · 18 projects
Thank you for favoring my stitched Frankenstein tights!
Sophia K.
Sophia K. · 134 projects
Thx for faving my name jewelry!
So · Hanover, Lower Saxony, DE · 65 projects
thanks for faving my velvet belt!!
JossieAyame · Pretoria, Gauteng, ZA · 150 projects
Thanks for the favourites =]
charity d.
charity d. · Philippine, Zeeland, NL · 13 projects
Thank you for your friend request!Ü
CahrazzyMe · Willard, Ohio, US · 16 projects
Thanks for the favorite on my "Alejandro" Rose Ring how-to!! ^^
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn · 7 projects
Hey Em!

You asked on my HQ comic shoes if it would work with photo paper or regular paper - I suggest using regular paper because photo paper is kind of slippery and hard. It won't want to bend as easily and would probably peel off or not stick too well.

Let me know if you have any more questions! Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi dear Em;-D
I like fimo too, but its always so expensive, so i was sooo glad when i saw on here how you can make your one colours.
Yes i'm a wheelie , i have an almost broken neck, thats why its has a lot of words to explain but this is the shortes thing to say.LOL
I'm used to that and i have two chairs at home, a broken one , he is broken for over a year and i still waiting for a new one and ... but i'm working on it.LOL
and my big brand yellow one. I have pimped the arm and the back of the chair and the two silly outside hanging baggys. I don't know why i have them but it was a nice face when the got a new bright coulourd pimped cover.LOL I have used mexican table cloth for that, the others part must be more flexible so i used for that more tricot fabric. its very smashing and coloured. LOL I think when its finished i must give all the people on the street free sunglasses.
some will say its hurting my eyes.LOL
My old big chair is totally bright red coloured, but this brand didn't want to make that ,so i thought okay then i do it myself.LOL
I have again migraine headage. bleugh not fun.
It were regulairy magazines but now i have some new work for in the future so i must wait to tell you more.
On my website you can see them, i don't have the new ones on there, still problems with computers -S
And i try to safe money for my big moove.LOL
Crochet can be fun but most time people start wrong with the difficult things. I have my degrees for those lessons, to learn all those crafts to kiddo's and adults, So i understand why you stopted.but clever and awesome to give it again a try.
when you have learned it its a new brand world that
opening for you. Muis one of my cats is sitting next to the typingboard, so she is typing tooLOL so i think i can better stop now, i think she is bagging for food but she has had just twohours ago , she must learn that she must eat then.
she don't do that.-S
its all about not happy with her own diete food, her niece become more tasty food i know, but she has kidney problems so its not good for her.
she is a very friendly sweet girl, i'm fond of her, but of the little one)( she is bigger then this one) too.
Muis is the oldest she is 15 years so she is an elderly and is a grey birmees cat she is very tinny for her brand. and thats why i have called her Muis, translated in english that is Mouse.LOL
Wolfje is a birmilla she looks more like a husky dog, she is bigger , i think normal sized now, but she is still growing , she is nauthy and just a youngster, i liked that , i can laught about that.
My coach wasn't laughting about it last Friday and he asked i've i found it okay that he sett her on the balcony alone, so he did, she had t5o stay there, it was warm outside , for an half hour, when he free her and she loved him again. She likes all the men. LOL
she is a slut.LOL she always smell after their after shave.LOL
Okay i must go to my couch my eyes are going out of order.LOL
so i must rest a little while to recover them.
hey have a nice fun awesome day, when you will see my work go to my profile page and underneat my avatar you can find the link. Its all in dutch because all the magazines are dutch. You know i'm dutch LOL it was outside just noisy my country is playing soccer.LOL
i don't follOW that, but when there is a goal i will heard it too.LOL
hey alll my love, greetings and much XO's and have a fun day!;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi dear Em, i like to draw , make journals and making statues or more objects, Somethings they are only crafting projects to find out how new experiments working out.
I love to make my own felt. , the needle but too the wet felting, Just at the moment i try out some experiments of wet felting with 3 d effects in the washingmachine.LOL
the first one did work good out, but i didn't tight it to fast.
The problem was that i didn't know how to open the door of my new machine and pushed on the wrong button and he started over-S
but my other laudry was very clean.LOL I haven't my machine not to long. i have it bought i thing a month agao, LOL
And i love paper mache and sewing, i'm now at the moment sew fabric to pimp my new brand big yellow elektric wheelchair.
the yellow is awesome only not the chair that is boring black.
so i had promised myself to make it more brighter coloured.
I 'm using mexican tablecloth, but i have to day a migraine headage so i only have finished my backchair and a little baggy thats hanging aside my. so... thats for today really enough.LOL

And of course recylcling crafts and , knitting an crochet and embroidery and so on. I have done the art academy so i 'm always busy to find new things out, or try to make my own fabric.
I will moove next year and i know i must make for the outside of some of the windows some curtains, so i thought i make them of milk lids. I have make little piece and i t hink it looks real funny and pretty. but i must do something extra with it,
And for friends i make a lot of little presents in between.
I draw comics and cartoons too for some organisations.
My painting work lay at the moment stil, i'm still recovering from a whiplash my third one, so i must be patience with my self and calme. thats hard when you have like my jumping brains.LOL
What do you do at the moment of crafting?
hey i must go , i'm gotting very sick , i have migraine and it go 's wrong again.
have a fun awesome great week. love, greetings and a lot of XO's
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi Em thanks for asking my as your friend. i like it.;-D So were now friends. Yeaaaah.LOL
I've you like and you want to tell me some more we can write to each other.;-D
i'm a big talker, don't worry about it, you don't have to answer all my writtings.LOL
hope you have a nice pretty awesome weekend ;-D xxx
polkadot · Belgium, Wisconsin, US · 13 projects
thank you for faving my project!
Sheila Squirrel
Sheila Squirrel
Thank you for the favourite on my mini parasol Happy