wudd up peoples.. dreas the name if ya didnt already know :p im twenty years grown. probably the coolest cutest sweetest girl u will ever meet lol jp any ways im a stay at home mom and i love every min of it i have two very beautiful baby girls one just turned two and the other is six months.. dam time flys! im happily takin by my man chuey Happy hes all i need.. i was born and raised in utah mm. lets see here i pretty much like everything im easy to please haha i dont like fake people or people full of drama its a waste of time. so if thats you pour on your own time cuz lifes to short to worry about your problems i got my own :p im a pretty straight up person i like to say whats on my mind and i wud like ya'll to be the same good or bad im a big girl i can take it Happy i started doing crafts when i was pregnant with my first and havent stopped since i recently got a sewing machine im a begginer but im learning fast hope to meet some cool crafty people here and if you want to know anything else just askHappy
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