Hello! I am Cherise! A legend in my own shoe laces! =)

In September I'll be starting Universitiy doing a Foundation in Visual Arts and maybe a third year to turn it all in to a Fine Arts Degree!
Right now I care for my disabled mother and go to college a couple days a week, to take part in a creative class, just for fun and to see my friends there, help out and make goodies with them =D

I love books by Xinran Xu and Neil Gaiman, trivial books and funny books like, "All At Sea: One man. One bathtub. One very bad idea.: Conquering the Channel in a Piece of Plumbing".

I love singing Disney songs with friends, or singing in general.... I wanna be like you-oo-oo...oooooooooooves like jagger!


- I make a lot of mess whilst crafting and will often stash-bust with friends- swap what I don't use for something I never knew existed!

- Which leads on to anything handmade! I'm in love with handmade.

- Anything textural, sparkley or colourful is my fave eye candy

- I enjoy functional little items or things i can stick in my art journals and stickers of things I might like =)

- Funshine, the yellow CareBear, he's my homie.

- Lady birds, lace, flowers, dragonflies, moths, butterflies, funky postage stamps, postcards, rockabilly (though i'm not one), funky fliers or leaflets that I can college with, sloths!, ZINES, ellen degeneres, rufus wainwright (if you can post these people to me i'll be very happy!) old tickets to gigs or events...

- Sweets and chocolate or recipies to vegetarian things i can make!... and ice cream but thats tricky to post =(


I'm pretty new here (had an account but didn't use it for a loonnng time) so I hope to catch up in sending everybody in the world some items of loveliness =)

Right now I'm swapping with Mary ;) and Suzy Lee!

Wishing my packages a safe trip!

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Andrea · Austin, Texas, US · 45 projects
Hope you're enjoying your vacation(holiday). While you're visiting Crete I'm being tested over it in history class...ahhh lucky!