I am a closet romantic zoomer(a boomer with zip)married to a more practical man for 31 years this year. He still surprises me though when I least expect it.

Never lucky enough to a mother, but have been a doting aunt and now great aunt to 12 neices and nephews, as well as 9 greats. Also adopted aunt to the kids of my friends.

My first fiction novel, a murder mystery is in the works. It is taking a lot of courage to begin and keep going. Naturally it has craft theme woven in it. After all, write about what you know and love right?

I have designed a few crafts, from cross stitch, knitting by chart and repurposing. The last is definitely my favourite. In fact, dollar stores are my meccas and I never look at anything there without thinking "What else, completely different can make from this?

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