My friends and family would describe me as a free spirit, tree hugger type of person, but I've never agreed fully with that portrayal. For one, I'm far too cynical for that stereotype. Sure, I'm very gullible and wear big flowy skirts often, but on the other hand, I love a juicy hamburger and snarkiness delights me.

I have two cute little preschool daughters who alternate evenly between making me melt from love of them and making me tear my hair out in craziness. I learned to crochet when I was pregnant with the older one, and I learned to knit with the younger (still learning. knitting just seems so much more painstaking than crochet) At any rate my gals are well dressed - they get all sorts of cool frocks, hats and tops that I make for them constantly because, well, I just can't resist.

Other than that, I'm pretty good at finding ways and purposes for the assorted things in my life - most of what I have is other people's junk, so adaptation and repurposing is absolutely necessary.

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