Vet Vs. Newbie Swap (Round 5)

About a Month or so ago Essex. Debs Contacted me saying that she was no longer in charge of the previous Vet Vs. Newbie Swap. She asked me to take over, but I was currrenty busy with school. Now I am on Summer break and happy to say that I will be your new Vet Vs. Newbie Swap Mama! The instruction and rules are as followed.

What is the Newbie vs. Vet swap?
This swap is for newbies who are looking to enter the CO+K swap world and become veteran swappers. A Newbie is someone who has not swapped on CO+K yet and usually has fewer than 100 board posts. A Veteran is an experienced CO+K swapper that typically has 100+ board posts in addition to having completed at least three total swaps on CO+K in the past.

How does it work?
A newbie will post that they are looking for a veteran swap partner, and a veteran will message them, then post in this thread that they have taken a newbie in as a swap partner. The vet and the newbie will each create items and send them to each other. The swap will only be considered completed once both swappers have posted at least one picture of the parcel they received. Until then, the swaps will be listed as "in progress."

1. Newbies have to ship out first. Once his/her package has been received by the vet, the vet will send out to the newbie.
2. Swaps should include at least 4-5 handmade items, and sometimes stash, tea, or candy depending on the personal preferences of the swappers. Please make sure that all items you send are clean (no dirt or stains, no odors as from cigarettes or pets, etc).
3. Vets should post that they have started a swap with a newbie so that a newbie does not get too many vet offers. This swap is intended to be between only one newbie and one vet--newbies should not have two vets, however one vet can swap with more than one newbie, just no round-robin swaps.
4. Teaser pics before ship-out are fun to look at, so try not to forget them. Also try to take at least one picture of the swap package you received from your partner.
5. A newbie should not sign up twice. If you are a newbie seeking veteran status, please check out the other ongoing swaps like Happy Grams, or join into other swaps that are open to newbies. If you want to swap with more than one vet, please start a personal swap. You may only complete the NvV swap ONCE as a newbie.

Use the form below to sign up. Don't forget to specify whether you're a vet or a newbie!
And most importantly, don't forget to have fun!Tongue

Ship internationally:

Newbies waiting for Vets:

Available vets:
Judithchen / Germany / International shipping
Monika Gottindottir / USA / North America shipping
Hayley S. / UK / International shipping
Mary / Italy / EU shipping
Tamara J. / UK / International shipping
Creature of Whim /USA/ International shipping.
Essex Debs / USA / International shipping
Green Duck / UK / EU shipping
Kat / UK / International shipping
Kiddo / USA / International shipping
Jolanda/ Netherlands/ EU prefer

Swaps in Progess:
Creature of Whim/Caity

Completed Swaps
Kiddo: NameYourMonster; Hello Sweet Taco; judithchen
Mary: Mel.5.Ide; Tess; EastCoastRainbo; Sanne; Mischevous Raven
Essex Debs: Caitlin; GnotJustGnomes; Lauren C, Rosa R: Tarathustra :Emma S
Pam: KraftiiKatie
Julie G.: Puddinpop; Krista B
Monika G: Cupcake_Warrior, MauiMami; Chriss : Anna Bean
Tamara J: Samantha
Hayley S.: Julia C.; Risa.Hanae
Green Duck: ThatInkdChick
Anna Bean:Oriana; Falene M

UPDATE: I would like to add a few notes about behavior and swap etiquette.
If you are rude to anyone while sending them private messages or responding to their board posts, you may be barred from participating in other swaps as individual hosts see fit. Being "rude" includes: judging someone by their age/ethnicity/gender/preferences, badmouthing someone's crafting ability, trying to embarrass or shame someone, name-calling, making personal insults. Also, if you receive a package (whether you are a newbie or a vet) and you feel you did not receive enough in relation to what you sent, or have a complaint about the quality, please message the swap host only after you have messaged your swap partner. Sending out bad packages can, like bad behavior, have you barred from other swaps. Please always be specific with such messages so that any problems can be solved appropriately and maturely. The spirit of a craft site is to show off what you can do, and ask for tips on things you can't do. Please be mature and kind during all swaps.
As a courtesy to all participants please contact your swap partner on at least a monthly basis.The swap host will contact and remove swap partners in consultation with Vets if there is no communication.

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12 replies since 12th June 2015 • Last reply 4th June 2016

Name: Kylie Tilley (Vet i guess?)

Location: Shrewsbury, UK

Ship internationally: Yes

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Idaho, USA
International: Yes

Hey I'd like to sign up as a "newbie", I've done over a hundred swaps, but I've been in the back ground of CO+K for a few years, busy with life. I've still been active on the site just not in the swaps. I'm an Admin and a Sidekick, anyway I just want to re-establish myself in the swaps and thought I should probably do a Newbie one start. So I'm looking for a Vet! I'd like someone I haven't had a chance to swap with before, if possible Computer

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MyschieviousRaven and Pam are now swap buddies

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Name: Caity
Location: New York
Ships Internationally: no

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Name: Anna
Location: California
Ship Internationally: Yes

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Me and Caity will be swap buddiesHappy

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Hello! I'm in the same situation as Pam- Been on CO+K for a few years, am a featured member, Vet, lots of previous swaps but have not been active for a couple years. But I'm itching to get back to swapping, so am happy to be classed as a vet or newbie, I don't mind Happy

Name: Hayley S
Location: London UK
International Swap: Yes, but UK preferred

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Cool. I glad that you are joining, and will try to find a vet swap buddy for you.Wink

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Is this feed still being monitored ?

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Dont Think it is

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Will send her a personal note then we should find a new host.

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I really love swaps. . . Need them back

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