I am a quiet, yet upbeat person, who enjoys everything creative. I am currently at college on an animal care course and would like to go to university by the sea to study zoology in September. I am so obsessed with the 80s and would've loved to be a teenager back then to go see bands such as Duran Duran and Adam + the ants in thier heyday! I am really young at heart and like to look back on childhood memories and dwell on them (1980s/90s cartoons, cheesy pop, old days out). I like collecting things such as souvenirs from days out, My Little Pony dolls, Bagpuss merchandise, cuddly toys, etc. My two great loves are Pirates of the Caribbean and Duran Duran- I can't get enough of them! I also love fashion and have way too many clothes! I love to use fabric paints, beads, ribbons, etc. to customize old or new outfits so that I am different to everyone else. I really love going to theme parks and riding dark rides because it is like entering a new, magical world. Walt Disney World is my favourite place ever and I'd love to go there again. I'd also like to go to South Africa to see all the amazing animals in their natural habitat.
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