I started making jewelry 2 yrs. ago after my doctor told me I was putting too much strain on my arm ( I have my left arm & my right arm is paralyzed and it has been amputated at the forearm) So I started playing around with beaded necklaces & bracelets, but I wanted to try other types of jewelry so My loving husband come up with a idea of how to make a pair of pliers that I could hold between my thighs. Now I have a full craft room that's full with every tool, vise and many other creative adaptive equipment . My husband even had the adaptive hand tools patented . I Dabble in other crafts as well but my me time is spent making jewelry. I have been married to my best friend for 24yrs. We have to wonderful children grown and out making there marks in the world. And I have 1 beautiful granddaughter. I am always on the hunt to learn new things and meeting new people who share the same interests as me.

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