Hey everyone! thanks for visiting my page. I'm Kris, and I LOVE crafting. I love a challenge, especially when someone tells me that something has no purpose. Because I am broke, I am a big fan of low budget projects, such as repurposing. Among other things, I can sew, knit, bead, scrapbook, needlepoint, crochet.

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My favorite color is pink
my favorite animal is the cat
I absolutely love anything to do with Leonardo DiCaprio.
I absolutely love Jewelry.
I love fabric as well.
I really could use some tulle.
Velvet, jersey knit, satin and silk are my favorite fabrics.
My favorite flower is the carnation.
TV Shows: Doctor Who, Supernatural and Sherlock.
Games: Minecraft, The Last of Us, Bioshock Infinite, COD BO2 Zombies.
For some reason, I LOVE tiny things with a purpose, like tiny houses, containers, scissors, forks and knives.. It is just the cutest thing!
Newest crafts: Stationary and Perler Beads

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