Hello There! I'm Catherine. ^.^ There's Not Much To Say About Me But, I Guess I'll Tell You The Basics..I'm A Junior In High School And I Really Wanna Be A Cosmetologist ;D I Also Like Lolita Styles And Cute Things Like Bunnies And Kittens Haha. I Like Colorful Things, Like Rainbows, And Inanimate Objects That Have Faces On Them. Anddddd, I Like Animal Crossing And Harvest Moon. I Like Romance Manga And Anime And My Favorite Series Is Kare Kano {His and Her Circumstances}. I'm Generally A Nice Person, Bit Of A Pushover, And I'm Boringg >.< And, That's Basically It Heh.


Tessel D.
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I saw your question, and if you want to learn how to crochet, you could try out this pattern: (it was the first thing I ever crocheted and it's very easy) http://www.cutoutandkeep.net/projects/the_gabu_crochet_creature

If you want to learn the basic stitches, I suggest you just try google and youtube,there are lots of tutorials and that's how I figured everything out.
Good luck!