Saucy red-headed pirate wench with tribal tattoos up my back. Old as dirt by the calendar; creative, always learning and trying new things. Happily married, no kids, two cats and a pomeranian. Works for a state agency doing database work, running/writing Crystal Reports and writing online training modules for staff. Bit of a geek. Mensan (i.e. IQ in top 2% of population). Hubby and I are pirate re-enactors and love to participate in pirate activities. I collect things for our outfits and pirate camp. Favorite tv shows are Supernatural, Gossip Girl, Lost, Privileged. Other than those, don't watch much tv. Writes slash fan fiction. Likes making jewelry, beading. Wants to create some more elaborate costuming for pirate events or possible Civil War events i.e. long dresses of the periods. Excited about this site. Believes there are not enough hours in the day.
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Kailyn Bray
Kailyn Bray · Cheltenham, England, GB · 2 projects
Ahoy there pirate lady, im glad im not the only pirate! (must add picture) i look forward to seeing some of your costumes ;)