Kelsie : 17, female, single, short, goofy, random, talkative, weird, artistic, crafty, sick, dark, evil, kinda messed up, deformed.

Hey, I'm Kelsie, I have leukemia and a unique way of handling things in my life. I love making things, drawing, blogging, and just in general being stupid. I don't have many friends, the people in my area are just not my type of people, at all. They're too "normal", and they do too many things that I just don't agree with. I love going to anime conventions in cosplay and getting dressed up for the raves. I wear my rave outfit on a normal day, but that's just kinda my clothing style.
I enjoy listening to music like : DevilDriver, Breaking Benjamin, Skrillex, Alkaline Trio, Bullet For My Valentine, Metallica, and tons more that I'm too lazy to type out.
My favorite movies/shows include : Repo The Genetic Opera, My Strange Addiction, Nightmare Before Christmas, Happy Tree Friends, Corpse Bride, Evil Dead, Resident Evil, and Land of the Dead.

That's really all I can think to say right now, but feel free to send me a PM or something. :3

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