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I like to make things

When did you first start making jewelry and how did you learn?

Jewellery making is really new to me, but something I'd always wanted to try. I'm at a very basic level at the moment, using readily-available materials and simple techniques with the hope to progress these in the next year. I'm self-taught in all aspects of craft and jewellery making is no exception. Often, it's completely trial and error and I find that's the best way of learning for me - but if I can pass on the mistakes made to save other from doing it, I'm more than happy! I have also found that the last two years of blogging has introduced me to a huge community that I have learned so much from.

Can you remember the first piece you made?

I was a friendship bracelet making machine in my early teens - I loved the different designs you could make using exactly the same materials and it made many a family car journey passed quickly! More recently, I've either been up-cycling or creating statement and stackable bracelets and necklaces.

Where do you look for inspiration?

The idea to make something can come from something as simple as having a pack of beads I have in my craft stash that I want to use, a new technique I want to try or something I've seen in a magazine and want to re-create for myself, in my own style.

What's your craft space like and how do you organize your supplies?

I think my blog reflects quite well the mini obsessions I have throughout the year with certain crafts. At the moment, it's papercraft, but I am really keen on using my blog to encourage myself to try as many as I can.
I live in a small apartment in the centre of my city, so space is extremely limited and it's a constant struggle not to let me crafting take over the whole flat. My main storage system is an ottoman bed, where it can be hidden, but easy to access and small boxes keep everything in 'type of craft' order. I also have a large chest of drawers in the living room that are slowly being taken over as my stash grows!

What music/podcasts/TV shows do you love to craft along to?

I use any TV time as the opportunity to make something - I'm terrible at just sitting and watching something without getting itchy fingers - so I link the time the crafting will take to what I watch. I have a film if it's something a little more involved and time-consuming, but YouTube vlogs and series are perfect for quick crafts and background noise. If it's a craft I am completely in to, I very rarely actually take in what I am watching. For rock and roll nights in The Great British Bake Off, Strictly and X Factor on catch-up are perfect. I'm secretly excited that Autumn brings with it a whole new TV schedule to craft to!

Do you do any other crafts and what are your hobbies?

I'm a multi-crafter and try and make my crafting as varied as possible and love trying new ones. At the moment, I have a few friends getting married, so I am helping with stationery, table settings and decor at the moment, which I am loving.
In my spare time I love to run and am also currently training for the 3 Peaks Challenge in October. Otherwise, you can find me playing with my Brothers puppy, travelling, driving round the UK visiting friends or spending time with my family.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

I'm really honoured to be featured and although I'm fairly new to jewellery making, I hope these projects are a good introduction or a simple DIY to follow and create something in your style that you're proud to wear.

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